Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter)

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter) refers to ready made clothing which comes from the factory; the type of fashion is mostly applicable in clothing with some exceptions in items like bags. The fashion type is abbreviated as “RTW” in most cases; the abbreviation is very popular in the fashionista world. People who are in the industry are having such knowledge at their fingertips since they are familiar with the terminology, there are many advantages and disadvantages of this type of fashion as we will see in this article, basically, these are clothes which are designed and stitched at the factory in different sizes.

Medium built people often don’t have a problem fitting such clothes, but customers without proportionate size may find the outfits challenging.

Standard Sizes:

The ready-to-wear type of fashion comes in distinct and standard sizes, they are brought to stores and shops when in a finished condition and styles. The main difference with these type of fashion with the made-to-measure clothing’s, is that as the made-to-measure or bespoke clothing which means a clothe tailored to fit a particular person’s shape, figure and body. These come in various sizes from small to large and so on. This is one distinct advantage why many people prefer the bespoke type of clothing, it’s a made-to-measure outfit.


Off-the-rack is another terminology which fashion designers or retailers use to refer to Ready-to-Wear clothing, but in this case it signifies diversity. Off-the-rack is used to refer to all type of clothes which are made from the factory; it includes all types clothes for children, clothes for boys and clothes for girls, clothes for women and clothes foe men. But it’s another language to imply just one and the same thing as applicable in fashion fraternity.


Off-the-peg in the other hand means something slightly different with similar meaning, many times some quarters have used the term to refer to Ready-to-wear clothing or ready-made clothing. Off-the-peg is used for items which are not clothes like a bag or any other item which are also made in fashion lines. But as already mentioned here, some people or places use it to refer to ready-made clothing.


Pret-a-porter is a French word meaning Ready-to-wear just as the English word describes factory made-to-measure clothing, but in the fashion world it has an immense significance. Many fashion stores in the English speaking or even other languages still use the word, it’s therefore, good for everybody keen on fashion to adopt it and know the accurate usage. The word pret-a-porter is pronounced as pret-a-por-TEY in French. So next time when you walk to a leading fashion store don’t be puzzled when you hear the sales person talking about stocking pret-a-porter wedding gowns.

Advantages of Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter) :

a) Ready-to-wear clothing’s are direct from the factory in various distinct sizes; this is advantageous for people with even bodies since they easily get their sizes.
b) The pret-a-porter clothes are easily replaceable in case of accidental damages, which is not easy with made-to-measure kind type of clothing.
c) The fashion is always cheaper since they are made in bulk hence the economical cost is passed to the customers.
d) Off-the-rack type of clothing is easy to find in many stores around the world, which is unheard of in the made-to-measure clothing.


a) They are considered to be of lower quality as compared to the made-to-measure, the fact that such clothing’s are readily available discounts on its quality.
b) The size may not fit well on certain people, due to different shapes and body sizes not all people can fit the clothing’s well.

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter) are easily available and affordable since they are stitched in bulk from the factory, they are the main face of fashion since the vast majority of people are clothed by this kind of fashion.