The ABECA was founded in 1989 in order to stimulate the union and qualification of the leather-footwear industry and, thus, boost the development of the sector and the recognition of Brazilian fashion in footwear, headgear, bags and components.

On October 21, 1989 was founded in Novo Hamburgo, the Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers of Footwear and Related Products, ABECA. The organization grew out of the efforts of a group of active designers in the industry that concerned about Brazilian fashion, specifically the fashionable leather, footwear, components, bags and national artifacts, devised an association with the aim of bringing professionals together towards the development of the leather and footwear industry.

Of the 242 founding members to 1,200 members today, a long way has been traveled consolidating the original purpose of the association is to bring together designers and modellers, and offering to the market publications specializing in fashion trends, as well as participation in fairs and initiatives aimed at professional development of associates and partners.

For each season ABECA edit the color chart and articles and the Fashion Trends Guide, the contents of which brings in synthesis and with the highest possible fidelity, what’s more important to universal fashion trends, serving such subsidy products for development of the collections in sync with fashion developed worldwide.

Seeking to increase the appreciation of the Brazilian trendy shoes and accessories, the ABECA since 1998 defends literally, the national flag, encouraging tirelessly – in addition to the unlimited use of creativity in developing new products – the use of national raw materials, thus contributing for greater disclosure of Brazil Tropical concept.