The significance and characteristic of High St Fashion

High street fashion is synonymous with one of the top class type of fashion; the term is used in the fashion fraternity to determine a high or first class trending in the industry. It’s all about the trends in the market as defined by fashion gurus and celebrities, whenever any new fashion is created especially by the designers. It will go first to the hands of celebrities who are supposed to sample it before it goes to the market, the term high street originated from the United Kingdom. Everywhere in that Kingdom is all about street, remember the Prime Minister’s office or residence there is known as The Downing Street, we will see some short history about how the name the fashion came about.

The British High Street;

Everybody in the whole world knows about The British High Street and its significance in the fashion fraternity, the street literary hero worshiped by many and sundry. This can be witnessed by the numbers which swirl the destination on a yearly basis to exploit it, the name of the fashion we so much adored emanated from there or more so from the name. It’s in relation to this location that the type fashion came from.

The History of High St Fashion:

The high street was first known way back in 1870, this is when people in started buying food and other items from the shops and stalls in the UK. Fixed prices were created and home deliveries started from around the time, but it’s in the 1909 that the real shopping extravaganza started as a result of “vote for women movement”. The same time high street shopping emanated in the concept, women were looking for a quite and easy way to shop. It’s at the time when shops started coming up witnessing the birth of Self-ridges stores, coffee shops, and street shopping places.

High Fashion Statement:

In the 1964 many girls in United Kingdom ventured in cheap and disposable fashions which are a common scenario today. The type of fashion evolved to the need for a high fashion statements of long lasting expensive fashions; this is exactly where the high St Fashion started in the same period of time. Girls developed appetites for expensive designer’s fashions like clothing’s, cosmetics and toiletries. Big names in the fashion world like the Topshop were born thereafter, others high street’s fashion’s lines were established too.

High Street Shops:

There are a number of top shops which came in to existence just around the period of time, here are some high St fashion’s lines you can explore in British street; The Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Topman, House of Fraser, Wallis, Debenhams, BHS, Miss Selfridge became a leading subsidiary of the Acardia Group which now dominates the high street shopping in London as can be witnessed. Other international arrival witnessed the Swedish Retailer H&M, Spanish Retail-giant Zara and the Next. Such high street fashions lines have made the British High Street the best in the whole world.

Fashion on the British High Street;

The British High Street as it’s known consists of some of the highly acclaimed fashion houses in the world, the fashion lines are known to be selling online with about 70% of their sales from the mode of sales. Some of the big traders includes the Zara, Whistles which is also doing well, John Lewis, Asos, H&M Going up, Gap, American Apparel, M&S, French Connections, Superdry and more. These are some of the world renowned fashion houses which are doing brusque business now in High St Fashion fraternity.

Celebs and High St Fashions;

The fashion houses as already discussed before are synonymous with the celebrities, most of these leading fashion houses are associated with top fashion designers. They mostly associate themselves with the top celebs of the world as a way of marketing, since their products are damn expensive and specifically designed to make high fashion statement, all celebs do their shopping in such destination for recognition and popularity. The celebs purchase their clothes, make-ups, Sports wears, accessories, hair care products and almost everything from the leading high street fashion lines.

High st fashion is the type of fashion associated with the best or top cream shoppers of the world, it originated from British where the High Street Fashion still dominates today. The celebs are known to buy from the level of fashion as a way of making strong fashion statements.

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