Why Haute Couture is still Hot

Haute Couture which literally means high sewing or high fashion in English has been around for centuries and has yet to lose its flair to many women. As clothes that are a product of this kind of fashion are constructed by hand from beginning to end and custom-made to fit the body of the wearer, one can be assured that he or she’s got the best kind of clothing. Most haute couture gowns are made from high quality fabrics that are sewn to perfection. It has an open budget making fashion designers give their all in completing a piece. Definitely, what makes haute couture still hot is its quality and value. That’s why, it’s no surprise that just towards the end of last year, haute couture fashion shows continued in fashion runways.

Origin of Haute Couture

The term haute couture originated from Paris, France where it all began. If power-dressing in the 21st century meant wearing a suit for an important meeting, in the 19th century… power-dressing meant high end fashion. Haute couture was meant for upper class Parisians at the time, according to an article in The Telegraph. This type of fashion was meant to set them apart from other people and make sure what they are wearing has no duplicate.

In a timeline from Harper’s Bazaar, it is said that an English couturier, Charles Frederick Worth was the first to establish a haute couture house in Paris back in 1858. He even coined the term “fashion designer” taking dressmakers and fashion in general into the next level. But it was only in 1908 when haute couture itself was used as a word.

Becoming Haute Couture

To be able to be considered a haute couture house, the business must become a part of and up to the standards of French Ministry of Industry and the Fédération Française de la Couture, The Telegraph article says. They must have enough manpower and must be able to present two collections every year.

Some known haute couture houses are Valentino, Chanel and Elie Saab.

Staying Power of Haute Couture

Although haute couture remains strong up to now, it also met hurdles especially during the war and the recession. Some haute couture houses then had to close. But as the war ended and the economy recovered, so did this type of fashion. Now, during fashion week in Paris, haute couture houses are flocked by many celebrities and socialites. Among them are Hollywood A-listers looking for the next gown they will wear come awards season.

But not all haute couture items are red carpet ready. There are some designs that are too out of this world, too eccentric to be worn in public and seem more like costumes rather than clothing.

There are also others who come to these haute couture shows to look clothing they want to collect. High end fashion is timeless. If it is expensive now, imagine more after a few years how much it is worth. Haute couture remains relevant up to now because it never loses its value and no matter how much the fashion scene changes, they will remain valuable because they are one-of-a-kind.

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