eyelash fashionVery frequently, clients at Abeca ask about how they can get their eyelashes to look real and not fake. It is possible. We specialize in ensuring eyelash extensions look realistic. http://eyelash-extensions.melbourne/ Here is some information on what we do to achieve the preferred natural look.

If you think that Natural Eyelash Extensions are better they you should ask us about the natural look and what the professionals recommend. Abeca gives you professional consultation so you have better knowledge of what eyelashes will suit your face and give you the look that you prefer. The technician will then design eyelashes that will help you achieve the natural look and complement your face without going overboard. More at Beauty Courses Online here.

Looking at a couple of photos before anything else is most helpful. In the many years, I have been in the profession I have found that people are very specific about tastes and opinions on what the natural look is exactly. Any reputable salon that deals with eyelashes should therefore show you some images so you can choose4 an image you want them to help you achieve.

My personal opinion is that silk and faux- mink are better than synthetic and so I would always go with them when trying to get the natural look. They are soft and flexible unlike synthetics that are plastic looking and stiff. Synthetics do not last as long either. To get the dramatic look that you get with synthetic eyelashes, you need to use a couple of them. The faux- mink lashes used at Abeca are finer that the silk ones are create a more natural and softer look.

The volume set has over 200 eyelashes that are applied per eye to give you a natural dense and voluminous look so it looks like you are just genetically blessed with long eyelashes. While it is a new style, it is gaining a lot of popularity. Because of its advanced nature, it will take some time to get the classic eyelashes, which are beautiful and very long lasting.

As a very important rule, we consider your facial structure, your overall look, your complexion and the shape of your eyes when choosing which eyelashes are best for you. What looks natural of the tanned brunette in her 20’s would never look natural on the blonde middle aged woman who has paler features. Eyelashes must be tailored to suit an individual and the whole picture is important in determining which is great and which is not.