Boho Fashion: Perfecting your Look

Before the year 2005 people paid little attention if any to the Boho look despite it having been around for decades. Just like everything else in fashion, if a celebrity wears it then it becomes cool and everybody now wants to have the same look. At its height in 2005 this fashion look was associated to Kate Moss and the actress Sienna Miller. The fashion style might have been around long before this two embraced it but they somehow gave it the sparkle it needed to attract a following.

What is Boho fashion about?

Boho clothing combines some elements of hippie and bohemian dressing to give it its look. Although there has been a little variation in the looks every time the fashion resurfaces the general and simple look has always been maintained.

As most fashion designers would put it, Boho is all about looking natural or being in touch with your surroundings. Earthy tones give the fashion a unique look but a splash of bright colors lie orange and green complete the look. Baggy or oversized clothing is also associated with Boho but the aim is to wear free flowing clothes and not necessarily oversize’s.

Getting the Boho look

The best part about Boho fashion is that it touches on all elements of your dress code starting with your shoes to the makeup you put on. However, going wrong or overdoing any of these elements may ruin the look for you. Here are some tips on how to get that Boho look Clothes. When it comes to clothing almost anything can give you the look provided you know how to dress it. Earthy tones are certainly the best as the base or foundation and splashes of bright colors like magenta or orange should complete the look. Flowy skirts and shirts would also be great but that does not mean they should be oversize. Remember the intention is not to look bigger than you are.

Shoes. Sandals would be the most recommended shoes for a Boho look since they always seem to give it that unexplainable magnificent look. However, some people have also achieved the same great look by wearing boots and legwarmers. Having some fun by experimenting can still give you a magnificent Boho look.

Hair. The idea behind a Boho look is to make you look as natural as possible and so if you have a natural hair the better. If you do not have a natural hair a flat iron with curls at the ends can also help you achieve this look.

Accessories. The more accessories you have on you the better your Boho look will be. However, do not overdo it since it will ruin everything. A number of bracelets on your hand and ankles would be good. Dangling earrings and a colorful hair band would also be great.

Face. The reasoning behind this fashion is to look as natural as possible and so you should avoid make-up as much as possible. If you don’t have a clear skin putting a concealer on the breakout spot is not bad and a powder foundation will be enough.