Some reasons to be a member of ABECA:

• Increase awareness of their work;
• Participate environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge, information and experience with large market professionals;
• Receive two editions of the color chart and articles per year;
• Receive two editions of Fashion Guide, per year;
• Receive the Infoabeca informative;
• the Fashion Workshop Project Participate developed in major trade fairs;
• Book Creations Participate;
• Consult the bibliographic collection in the entity’s premises;
• Differentiated Services provide, such as discount or exemption promoted courses;
• Participate in Fashion Committee, responsible for developing the core work on the fashion editorials of publications;
• Participate in a representative association with the industry.

To be a member of ABECA you must be a student or professional active in the leather-footwear industry, read, agree and comply with the rules in the entity’s status.