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Eyelash Fashion?

eyelash fashionVery frequently, clients at Abeca ask about how they can get their eyelashes to look real and not fake. It is possible. We specialize in ensuring eyelash extensions look realistic. http://eyelash-extensions.melbourne/ Here is some information on what we do to achieve the preferred natural look.

If you think that Natural Eyelash Extensions are better they you should ask us about the natural look and what the professionals recommend. Abeca gives you professional consultation so you have better knowledge of what eyelashes will suit your face and give you the look that you prefer. The technician will then design eyelashes that will help you achieve the natural look and complement your face without going overboard. More at Beauty Courses Online here.

Looking at a couple of photos before anything else is most helpful. In the many years, I have been in the profession I have found that people are very specific about tastes and opinions on what the natural look is exactly. Any reputable salon that deals with eyelashes should therefore show you some images so you can choose4 an image you want them to help you achieve.

My personal opinion is that silk and faux- mink are better than …

Mass Market

Mass Market

Mass Market

Mass market

While the lucky few who can afford Armani and Gucci shop in exclusive boutiques, the rest of the world enjoys the less expensive yet just as fashionable trends available in nearby retail stores. However, both the elite and the mass market must handle the similar issue of limitations based on the design styles available.

Consumer choices are confined to what is available on the rack, but who decides what is “in fashion” for the season? What many do not realize is that the ready to wear garments found in Old Navy and even Walmart are dictated by the more famous names in fashion. More often than not, a style that is found to be popular will be redesigned the following season and introduced to the general public as a type of value range. The garments are each store’s version of the original look and made with simpler production techniques and cheaper fabrics.


The industrial revolution, along with readily available technology, innovations and material, made mass production a possibility, and the distribution of fashionable garments for low prices was able to begin. In 1845, the first mass market suits were offered by Brooks Borthers in the …

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter)

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter)

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter)

Ready-to-wear (pret-a-porter) refers to ready made clothing which comes from the factory; the type of fashion is mostly applicable in clothing with some exceptions in items like bags. The fashion type is abbreviated as “RTW” in most cases; the abbreviation is very popular in the fashionista world. People who are in the industry are having such knowledge at their fingertips since they are familiar with the terminology, there are many advantages and disadvantages of this type of fashion as we will see in this article, basically, these are clothes which are designed and stitched at the factory in different sizes.

Medium built people often don’t have a problem fitting such clothes, but customers without proportionate size may find the outfits challenging.

Standard Sizes:

The ready-to-wear type of fashion comes in distinct and standard sizes, they are brought to stores and shops when in a finished condition and styles. The main difference with these type of fashion with the made-to-measure clothing’s, is that as the made-to-measure or bespoke clothing which means a clothe tailored to fit a particular person’s shape, figure and body. These come in various sizes from small to large and so on. This is …

Boho Fashion

Boho Fashion

Boho Fashion: Perfecting your Look

Before the year 2005 people paid little attention if any to the Boho look despite it having been around for decades. Just like everything else in fashion, if a celebrity wears it then it becomes cool and everybody now wants to have the same look. At its height in 2005 this fashion look was associated to Kate Moss and the actress Sienna Miller. The fashion style might have been around long before this two embraced it but they somehow gave it the sparkle it needed to attract a following.

What is Boho fashion about?

Boho clothing combines some elements of hippie and bohemian dressing to give it its look. Although there has been a little variation in the looks every time the fashion resurfaces the general and simple look has always been maintained.

As most fashion designers would put it, Boho is all about looking natural or being in touch with your surroundings. Earthy tones give the fashion a unique look but a splash of bright colors lie orange and green complete the look. Baggy or oversized clothing is also associated with Boho but the aim is to wear free flowing clothes and not necessarily …

High St Fashion

High St Fashion

The significance and characteristic of High St Fashion

High street fashion is synonymous with one of the top class type of fashion; the term is used in the fashion fraternity to determine a high or first class trending in the industry. It’s all about the trends in the market as defined by fashion gurus and celebrities, whenever any new fashion is created especially by the designers. It will go first to the hands of celebrities who are supposed to sample it before it goes to the market, the term high street originated from the United Kingdom. Everywhere in that Kingdom is all about street, remember the Prime Minister’s office or residence there is known as The Downing Street, we will see some short history about how the name the fashion came about.

The British High Street;

Everybody in the whole world knows about The British High Street and its significance in the fashion fraternity, the street literary hero worshiped by many and sundry. This can be witnessed by the numbers which swirl the destination on a yearly basis to exploit it, the name of the fashion we so much adored emanated from there or more so from the name. It’s …

Haute Couture

Haute Couture

Why Haute Couture is still Hot

Haute Couture which literally means high sewing or high fashion in English has been around for centuries and has yet to lose its flair to many women. As clothes that are a product of this kind of fashion are constructed by hand from beginning to end and custom-made to fit the body of the wearer, one can be assured that he or she’s got the best kind of clothing. Most haute couture gowns are made from high quality fabrics that are sewn to perfection. It has an open budget making fashion designers give their all in completing a piece. Definitely, what makes haute couture still hot is its quality and value. That’s why, it’s no surprise that just towards the end of last year, haute couture fashion shows continued in fashion runways.

Origin of Haute Couture

The term haute couture originated from Paris, France where it all began. If power-dressing in the 21st century meant wearing a suit for an important meeting, in the 19th century… power-dressing meant high end fashion. Haute couture was meant for upper class Parisians at the time, according to an article in The Telegraph. This type of fashion was …

Uniforms: For Fashion

Uniforms: For Fashion

There are various companies that make uniforms. According to the order these companies supply the uniform.

What are Uniforms?

The very concept of the corporate uniforms like the one worn by Inspector Hawkeye comes from the aim of giving a certain professional identities to people. The uniform is a dress that is decided by the designation of a man or woman in his or her office. There are various professions that require the employees to wear a certain uniform. Doctors, nurses, people of army, pilots, Police, sailors all need to wear their own uniforms, which also help to separate the people of one profession from others.

Importance of Uniforms

There are various companies, hotels and factories where the employers need to wear uniforms. The uniforms of each company are different and these do not match with each other. There are a variety of uniforms in terms of style and color. Many companies also have their logo on the uniforms. There are various companies that make the Work Uniforms Australia. Apart from the other things these companies make the uniforms for the employers.

Work Uniforms

Various uniform making companies offer the service of online facility. The uniforms can be ordered online. …

Really? Dentist Fashion??

Really? Dentist Fashion??

As a child, you may have gone to the dentist regularly. In any case, as a grown-up, you may think you don’t have to see this doctor as much.

Numerous individuals don’t put a considerable measure of thought into their teeth. A few people brush just once every day and don’t even start to get a bit of a floss. Unfortunately, after some time, these practices will get up to speed with you and sooner or later; you should see a dentist to help recover your teeth fit as a fiddle. Look at a couple of more common reasons why individuals choose to see this sort of doctor.


In many cases, when you’re feeling an intense agony or a toothache, this could be the aftereffect of a hole. If so, then you’ll have to see the doctor. He or she can inspect your mouth to figure out whether the agony is actually coming from a cavity. Typically you will get an x-beam, and the dull areas mean you probably have a pit. Once confirmed, you will get a filling. This filling can be silver or white, similar to the shading of a tooth, and will fill up the pit. …